Someone Has Made a Caffeinated Bagel


You may think that your morning coffee-and-a-bagel routine could not be improved upon, but wait. What if someone put the coffee in the bagel, streamlining the whole eating/caffeinating process? Good news: Someone has.

Pre-coffee mind … blown.

The Einstein Bros. Bagels, the coast-to-coast chain, has introduced an Espresso Buzz Bagel that, its website trumpets, offers a “bold flavor” and is “boosted with caffeine to jumpstart your day.”

The bagel, which looks very much like a pumpernickel bagel and is being sold at Einstein Bros. Bagels locations in New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania and Connecticut, has 32 milligrams of caffeine. It is also featured in the chain’s new Espresso Buzz Bagel & Bacon sandwich — eggs, cheddar cheese, butter, bacon — which sounds like it will keep you going at least until lunch.

However, be warned. “Drinking a caffeinated beverage with our bagel will result in higher levels of caffeine consumption,” the site notes.

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Photo courtesy of @einsteinbros

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