You Can Eat Light-Up Cotton Candy at the Most-Magical Place on Earth

What’s more delightful and decadent than eating cotton candy? How about eating light-up cotton candy? It may sound like magical thinking, but it’s actually a real and available food for sale at the Magic Kingdom.

In honor of Happily Ever After, a new nighttime “spectacular” combining fireworks, lasers, lighting effects, castle projections and music that debuted in May at Walt Disney World’s Magic Kingdom, the Florida theme park has introduced a suitable snack for park visitors to enjoy while they watch the elaborate light show: cotton-candy that glows with bright colors.

“You can find it at select Popcorn and snack carts in the park,” the Disney food blog reports. (One Instagrammer who tried it says it cost “a whopping $7.”)

To be clear – and to offer some relief – it sounds like the cotton candy itself is just regular white cotton candy. The illumination factor comes courtesy of a flashing light-up wand tucked inside it, casting it in rapidly changing bright, radiant hues. The effect is electric.

So you can save a few of those firework “oohs” and “aahs” for the colorful display in your hand — unless your mouth is too stuffed with sticky, sugary sweetness to “ooh” and “aah” at all. In that case, a simple “mmmm” will do.

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Photo courtesy of @madewithlovevlogs

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