A London Restaurant Is Now Thoughtfully Providing 'Foodie Instagram Packs' for Diners

Picture this: You’re at a hip restaurant and order something designed to appeal to the social media set, something that straddles the line between comfortable and exotic that’s begging to be snapped and shared with all your Instagram followers.

But when your down-home “cheeseburger dumplings” or comely pink cocktail with a “crown” of rainbow sprinkles rimming the glass  or clever chicken and waffles featuring “free-range crispy fried chicken, 6 hour brined and sous-vide for extra tenderness & flavor” arrives at your table, you pull out your phone only to realize — horrors! — the lighting is all off, your phone battery is run down and getting the right angle is going to prove particularly challenging.

What to do?

If you happen to be eating at Dirty Bones in London, fear not: The restaurant has your back.

Dirty Bones, which promises “NYC-inspired comfort food and cocktails” and a Brooklyn vibe, is offering to lend food-snap-seeking diners a “Foodie Instagram Pack” for free for the asking at one of its four locations (with the possibility of rolling it out to the others). The kit includes a portable LED camera light, a portable charger that can be used for multiple devices, a clip-on wide-angle lens and a tripod selfie stick.

A lot of Dirty Bones’ patrons are highly active on social media, especially on Instagram, Cokey Sulkin, the restaurant’s founder and director of operations, told the Evening Standard, adding, “We’re all about helping people capture that perfect shot.”

So thoughtful!

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