Someone Has Solved the Problem of Sandy Drinks at the Beach


That awful feeling when you reach for your drink at the beach anticipating a thirst-quenching quaff only to take a swig and find yourself with a mouthful of sand? You can kiss it goodbye (with your parched, sandy lips).

The Spiker Company’s beach drink holders — known interchangeably as Spiker Lifestyle Holders, Spiker Sand Spikes and Spiker Beach Spikers — aim to address this very problem and make trips to the beach stress free by making sips on the beach sand free.

The heavy-duty-plastic product is basically a sand spike on the bottom, and a holder for your beverage cup or can or bottle (or sunblock or phone or keys or whatever) on top. You jam the bottom half into the sand, and the top half remains upright with your drink elevated an inch or two above the pesky sand below.

Of course, as the Los Angeles Times recently pointed out, the Spiker drink holder probably won’t protect you from someone shaking their towel out next to you or walking by and kicking up sand, but hey, it’s a start.

On the (very) bright side, the Spiker is available in 26 bold colors and is proudly made in the U.S.A. Available in stores and online (with or without a beachy message — and you can also personalize your own), the spikes aren’t super-cheap (about $30 for six-pack, give or take a few bucks), but you can amortize your investment all year round. The company notes that the Spiker can be used when you’re lounging about indoors as well. Just jam the squared-off spike between your sofa cushions “to hold drinks, snacks, sippy cups, remotes, more … so hand, no spills!”

American ingenuity at its finest. Let’s all hoist a sand-free drink to that — without moving even a fraction of an inch from the beach chair or the couch.

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Photo courtesy of Spiker USA

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