Get It While It’s Hot: Tabasco’s Amped-Up Scorpion Sauce

Some like it hot? Turns out more may like it hot than the producer of Tabasco sauce may have predicted.

Some like it hot — this we know. But it turns out that some may like it really hot, hotter than the McIlhenny Company, producer of Tabasco sauce, may have predicted.

The hot sauce maker recently introduced a new hotter-than-hot sauce, Tabasco Scorpion Sauce, reputed to be almost 20 times hotter than the usual stuff, making it available for a limited time “while supplies last.” Supplies, as it happened, didn’t last too long. The initial run of Scorpion Sauce sold out faster than you can say “my mouth is seriously on fire right now,” which you may or may not have been able to say immediately after trying the stuff.

Still, fear not, would-be fire breathers. The company is releasing a second “small batch” of Scorpion Sauce — “due to popular demand” — and taking pre-orders on its website, where it is “exclusively” available.

The ultra-hot sauce combines scorpion peppers with guava, pineapple and a bit of regular Tabasco sauce to render it tangy “with untamed heat and a touch of Caribbean sweetness.”

A 5 oz. bottle will set you back only $7.98. And for those wishing to give the gift of heat, you can get it gift-wrapped for an extra $5. So thoughtful!

Photo courtesy of Tabasco
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