Duff Goldman's Wedding Cake Kit Is the Ultimate Wedding DIY Project

Soon-to-be-married couples who don’t have enough to do as they plan their nuptials can bake their own wedding cake with this new DIY celebration cake in a box.

For soon-to-be-married couples who don’t have enough to do as they plan their wedding and/or like to take on towering baking projects (or, better yet, for a loved one who would like to help), Duff Goldman has introduced to the world the first-ever DIY wedding cake in a box.

Yes, the Ace of Cakes himself has teamed up with the pre-portioned meal-ingredient delivery service Chef’d to launch a three-tiered wedding cake kit that ships directly to brides or grooms willing to put in a little elbow grease to save some money and add a personal touch to their reception.

The budget-friendly $189 cake kit, one of several pastry meal kits Goldman is offering in partnership with Chef’d, is good for those who aren’t so good at planning ahead as well. Lead time on the cake delivery is only a few days – so if you’re pulling it all together in a hurry, it’s definitely a dessert option to consider.

Goldman himself guides DIY wedding cake bakers through the creation process — step by white-frosted step — in a series of how-to videos posted on the Chef’d website.

“When you order my celebration cake from Chef’d, you get everything you need in the box to make [a] cake, and I’ll show you how to do it,” Goldman says in a promotional video about the wedding cake.

Thanks to the videos, you’ll learn how to frost and prep your celebration cake, add fondant to it, shape fondant roses, and decorate and build the cake. 

As if you weren’t already going to feel proud enough on your wedding day …

Photo courtesy of Chef'd

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