All-Edge Brownie Pan Is Here to Satisfy Crispy, Crunchy Cravings

If you and your family tend to fight over the crispy edge pieces of brownies, a product exists that can restore dessert-time peace.

If you and your family tend to fight over the crispy edge pieces of brownies and leave the soft, gooey middle pieces for the least fortunate among you, a product exists that can restore dessert-time peace: an all-edge-piece brownie pan.

The Baker’s Edge Edge Brownie Pan (tageline: “The Brownie Pan For Edge Lovers!) is not new; it has been out since 2006 and has been repeatedly gushed over in the media, most recently by Mashable, which hailed it as “genius” in a late September blog post that has tallied 10.2k shares and counting.

Clearly this is an idea worthy of extolling.

The heavy-gauge, professional-grade cast-aluminum pan measures 9” x 12” x 2” and has interior dividers that create one continuous zig-zagging chamber, allowing the batter to spread easily and creating a chain of brownies, each with two edges. Made in the USA, the pan also features non-stick coating for easy dual-edge-brownie removal and rounded corners for easier cleaning and promises more even heat circulation, thanks to its edge-in-the-middle design. And no, it’s not just for people who bake brownies from scratch: It’s designed to accommodate your regular store-bough boxed brownie mix “with no adjustments necessary,” the Baker’s Edge website notes.

(The company — founded by husband and wife entrepreneurs Matt and Emily Griffin, based on a late-night flash of inspiration Matt had in the late 1990s — also makes an all-edge lasagna pan and a muffin tin they claim is better than others.)

The brownie pan alone (along with a bonus nylon spatula and some brownie recipes) will set you back $35.95. And if you want even more brownie ingenuity, you can pay a bit extra for a non-toxic, heat-resistant silicone lid and an “edge wedge,” made of the same bake-safe material.

Uh … an “edge wedge”? Why, it’s a little doohicky that fits into the pan to wall off a baking channel or two, allowing you to use the pan for smaller batches or divide it into two different kinds of brownies or, say, brownies versus blondies.

“Draws a definite line between “no nuts” vs “nuts” (and other such ingredient disputes),” the site notes.

They are just determined to make our homes more harmonious. Now, if they could only come up with a solution for who gets first pick …

Photo courtesy of Baker's Edge

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