KFC Now Offers Deep-Fried, Gravy-Filled Mashed Potato Balls

But only for a limited time in some locations in Australia …

Mashed Potato with Gravy

Mashed Potato with Gravy

Mashed potato with gravy poured over.

Here’s an idea from the Land Down Under that mashed potato fans (um, everyone) can probably agree should rise up and spread to us all: bite-size balls of mashed potatoes that have been filled with gravy, breaded and deep-fried.

Take. That. In.

The tater-y delicacies — “Gravy Mashies,” they’re known — are available at KFC locations in Australia (although “not everywhere and not forever”, the KFC Australia website warns).

The site goes on to really rub it in with the following description: “Crunchy on the outside, mash and gravy on the inside … Ooze yeah.”

While the Gravy Mashies are new, KFC Australia has previously offered a non-gravy-filled version, Brand Eating notes.

This Kinda Freaking Crazy (yet inarguably appealing) food concept would surely be welcome on U.S. KFC menus (pay no attention to the calorie count, whatever it may be). Bring on the ooze and aaahs.

Photo: iStock

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