Taco Bell and Forever 21 Court Millennials with Clothing Line

Anyone in the market for a pink taco-and-burrito-emblazoned sweatshirt?

Could Taco Bell and Forever 21 get any more millennial-baiting than this? The two companies recently announced that they will team up on a "limited edition" line of clothing, promising to bring a "saucier" spin to their customers’ wardrobes.

The clothes, which will be introduced at a preview event in Los Angeles on October 10 and then available for sale the next day online as well as in some Forever 21 stores, feature the brands’ "iconic graphics" and a "mix of playfully vibrant prints," Taco Bell said in an announcement. The collection — for women, men and girls — includes shirts and sweatshirts, hoodies, bodysuits, graphic tees, and jackets "with pops of color and distinctive illustrations."

Likely in a deliberate effort to keep the collection’s looks under wraps ahead of the official reveal, the companies have not made many images available — so it’s not entirely clear what would-be taco-shirt buyers can expect.

The two images that have been made available show fresh-faced young models Brittany Creech, who gained notice two years ago for having her senior portrait shots taken at Taco Bell, and Andrew McBurnie, who did the same last May. Creech is clad in a red tank top emblazoned with the word "FIRE!"; McBurnie in a millennial-pink sweatshirt with chest patch featuring a taco, burrito, beverage and hot sauce along with the Taco Bell slogan "Live Mas."

After a little more sleuthing around online, we also found a men’s hoodie featuring the Taco Bell logo on a white background.


Photo courtesy of Taco Bell Corp.

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