Top Ramen Is Getting a Recipe Makeover (But That Glorious Taste Isn't Going Anywhere)

It turns out that yes, it is possible for your fave instant ramen noodles to get even better.

On Friday, October 6 (National Noodle Day!), Nissin Foods, the makers of Top Ramen (which is the OG instant ramen you know and love), made a big announcement. The company is making some major changes to their fan-favorite product, and they’re all pretty awesome — awesome, that is, if you’re someone who cares about eating good-for-you foods made with high-quality ingredients.

We all think of instant ramen as one of our favorite cheap foods. Ramen is there for you when you’re beyond broke but still have a couple of days until pay day. It’s there for you when you get home at 3 a.m., ravenous after a night of good times with friends, and absolutely no restaurants near you are still open. Ramen is like your cheap-food BFF. But it’s not necessarily something we think of as “healthy.”

Here's the deal. According to the press release, you’ll get the same ramen flavor you love, but the amount of sodium in Top Ramen products is getting cut by a whopping 15 percent, on average. The company is also removing all artificial flavors and added MSG. All of those seem like good reasons to indulge in more ramen noodles, amiright?

On top of those modifications to all of its recipes, the company is also introducing new packaging and a new graphic to highlight its two totally vegetarian (!) flavors: Soy Sauce (formerly called “Oriental”) and Chili. Did you even know Top Ramen had vegetarian options?

The company stated that, despite the changes, fans of the product shouldn’t worry, because the updates will be made "all while maintaining the essential noodle goodness and the taste integrity of each beloved flavor." 

“What's imperative to us, stated Gary Lai, Director of Marketing of Nissin Foods USA , is that the core product – the ramen noodle – maintains its delicious flavor and integrity. However, in response to consumer demand, we've been working diligently to remove unnecessary ingredients and lower the sodium while preserving the same taste and texture."

The revamped products are now available in stores across the United States — at the exact same price. So, now everyone, even your veg-loving friends, can make sure they’re getting a delicious bowl of instant ramen whenever they want. It’s a tasty win for us all!

Photo courtesy of Nissin

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