Vodka Ice Cream Will Take the Edge Off the Autumn Chill

Bummed out that ice cream season is coming to a close? Hey, chill. First of all, ice cream season never, ever ends. Total year-rounder. And second, there’s a way to enjoy the coolness of ice cream and take the edge off your winter chill at the same time. Enter: vodka ice cream.

Baltimore-based Arctic Buzz ice cream claims to capture that icy booze sensation you get when you put a bottle of vodka in the freezer with its “home made, hand churned, smooth vodka frozen dairy dessert.”

The company worked with a local distillery to come up with its batch of six liquid-lunch-and-late-night-snack-worthy flavors: Cookies & Cream, Key Lime Pie, Raspberry, Vanilla, Coconut and (sorry to have made you wait for it) Chocolate. This week, the company will launch a new flavor: pumpkin.

Each of the flavors clocks in at around 8.7 percent alcohol by volume, plus or minus. Key Lime Pie is a relatively modest 8.6 percent ABV, but Coconut packs an extra punch with 8.9 percent ABV. That means you’ll definitely want to avoid sharing them with the kiddos.

Which (I probably don’t have to tell you) just means more for you.

While right now Arctic Buzz is available only in a number of liquor stores in Maryland, a representative for the company says it is “working diligently” to make the product available in restaurants and stores in other states as well as online early next year.

Line up your spoons (and your preferred hangover cures).

Photo courtesy of Arctic Buzz

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