Which Halloween Candy Is Your State’s Favorite?

America is united in its love for Halloween candy but divided over which is the best.

Source: CandyStore.com.

Our country is unified in our love for Halloween — we will collectively spend an anticipated $2.7 billion on candy for trick-or-treaters this year. And that’s in addition to the $3.4 billion we’ll spend on costumes. However, we are woefully divided in our taste in candy.

CandyStore.com, an online retailer that ships sweets in bulk all over the country, has crunched its sales data for the last 10 years, paying special attention to buying patterns in the lead-up to Halloween, and broken the information down state by state to come up with an interactive map revealing the most popular Halloween candy in every state.

Our trick-or-treat preferences truly are all over the map.

While candy corn is the top-selling treat in Alabama, Idaho, Michigan, New Mexico, Rhode Island and South Carolina, Reese’s Cups dominate in Iowa, Kansas, Oregon and Wyoming.

A love of Skittles is shared by residents of Florida, Hawaii and New Jersey, whereas fruity-candy fans in South Dakota, Texas and Wisconsin go for Starbursts and those in Illinois, Maine, Massachusetts, Nebraska and New York are sweet on Sour Patch Kids.

Arizona, New Hampshire, Oklahoma and Virginia are strongly partial to Snickers. Hot Tamales are hot in Indiana and North Dakota. Californians are crazy for M&M’s, as are denizens of North Carolina, Pennsylvania and the District of Columbia. (No word on plain vs. peanut, though.)

Old Mr. Owl can count a-one, a-two, a-three … even a-four states in which Tootsie Pops are the most popular Halloween treat — Kentucky, Minnesota, Tennessee and Washington — while Ohio and West Virginia are more into Blow Pops. Arkansas and Utah both embrace the Jolly Ranchers over all other candies. Colorado, Maryland and Missouri are simpatico and starry-eyed about Milky Ways.

And then there are the states that stand alone with their preferences: Alaska is the only state that thinks Twix is the coolest. Connecticut is nuts for Almond Joys. (You can have mine, Connecticut.) Delaware believes Life Savers are an essential part of living. Georgia is swimming against the tide with its love for Swedish Fish. Louisiana is puckering up for Lemonheads. Mississippi is big on 3 Musketeers bars, Montana digs Dubble Bubble Gum and Nevada is spreading the love for Hershey Kisses.

What’s your state’s second and third favorite candies? Check out the chart here.

And happy Halloween to all of you (even if none of your states had the wisdom to rank Butterfingers, Baby Ruth bars or Whoppers first on your lists).

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