Breakfast at Tiffany’s Is Now an Actual Option

The high-end jewelry store just opened a cafe at its New York flagship store.

What's in the robin's-egg-blue box? Forget diamonds — it might be breakfast, lunch or dinner.

"Breakfast at Tiffany's" is no longer only a beloved Audrey Hepburn movie or a glittery fantasy — it's now a reality. The high-end jewelry store has just opened a cafe at its flagship store on Fifth Avenue in NYC — and it looks as sumptuously gorgeous as you would imagine.

The store's signature color, Tiffany Blue®, defines the décor of the Blue Box Café, which will be open during store hours. The seasonal menu emphasizes American classics and high-quality local ingredients.

The cafe made its debut on November 10 as part of a dramatic renovation of the upscale retailer's fourth floor. The line on opening day stretched long, with many a would-be Holly Golightly reportedly waiting two hours for a table.

The renovated area is also home to Tiffany's new luxury Home & Accessories collection, where you can buy "everyday objects" ranging from a $350 Gold Vermeil Crazy Straw "with a Tiffany Blue ® enamel accent," a $600 Sterling Silver First Aid Box (like, for BandAids) "with a Tiffany Blue ® enamel accent" and a $950 Sterling Silver Paper Plate to a $9,000 Sterling Silver Ball of Yarn (perfect for the cat you treat like gold) or a $10,000 Sterling Silver Bird's Nest housing three little robin's eggs that are … guess what trademarked color.

"Both the café and redesign of the Home & Accessories floor reflect a modern luxury experience," Reed Krakoff, Tiffany's chief artistic officer, said in an announcement, calling the space "experimental and experiential."

I guess that's one way to describe a store that features distinctive and dramatic details such as a light fixture "surrounded by hand-drawn ampersands" and a portrait of founder Charles Lewis Tiffany "rendered with 8,000 painted screws."

Whimsical beauty abounds. However, it may be safe to assume the new cafe is still BYOGVCS (bring your own gold vermeil crazy straw).

Photo courtesy of @tiffanyandco

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