Feast Your Eyes on These Hot Dishes (and Chefs)

These four chefs are really heating up the kitchen.

Chefs are known for heating up the kitchen with the boldly flavored food they dish out daily. But it turns out that a few of the spiciest among them can raise a room's hot factor just by being themselves — at least according to People magazine. The publication just released their Sexiest Man Alive issue, including a list of the Sexiest Male Chefs in America, and three of Food Network's most-familiar faces along with one of Cooking Channel’s newest personalities earned spots on this year's sultry list. Congrats are in order for Iron Chefs Bobby Flay and Geoffrey Zakarian, Christmas Cookie Challenge host Eddie Jackson and Cooking Channel's Late Nite Eats host Jordan Andino for landing among the 21 sexiest dudes in the kitchen.

These guys not only have the looks on lock, but they also walk the walk with spicy dishes. We want to know: Which of their hottest plates do YOU most want to eat? Vote in the poll below, then check out the recipes for Bobby's Spicy Guacamole, Geoffrey's Preppy Joe with Spicy Brussels Sprout Slaw, Eddie's Spicy Rum Chicken Wings and Jordan's Chicken Adobo Tacos.

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