Millenial Pink Cheese Is Here for the Holidays

Next time you have a taste for a bit of cheese, think pink.

Next time you have a taste for a bit of cheese, you may want to go ahead and think pink. Millennial pink, apparently.

The particular shade of pale pink enthusiastically and extendedly embraced by Generation Y was for a time hailed as “the color of now.” More recently it has been waved away as the color of over. (I guess it’s hard to maintain your whiff of edgy cool when you’ve made it onto a line of Starbucks cups.)

Now millennial pink is the color of cheese (or vice versa) — cheese that tastes like raspberries and Prosecco.

The Great British Cheese Company, an artisanal cheesemonger based in Chesire, England, is now offering a Wensleydale cheese with “sweet raspberry and sharp prosecco” it says is a “treat for anybody with a sweet tooth.” Not to mention a taste for bubbly.

The cheese comes in a 200g Waxed Cheese Truckle — that’s what those cylindrical wheels of cheese are called — truckles — and is priced at 4.50 pounds or about $6 U.S. (Alas, it’s currently out of stock, but you can sign up for stock updates on the GBcheese website.)

Suitable for vegetarians, the cheese is a new twist on the classic Christmas cheese Wensleydale with Cranberries.

“Wensleydale has a supple and crumbly texture and a milky freshness, paired with fruit such as Cranberries, the acidity cuts through rich cheese resulting in a balanced flavour,” the company says on its website. “Paring Prosecco and Raspberry with Wensleydale produces similar savoury, sweet and acidic flavour combinations.”

Plus, it’s pink.

Photo courtesy of @GBCheeseCo

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