Pitless Avocados Are Now a Thing

A British department store is selling a pitless avocado that can be eaten whole — no slicing needed!

It’s been a big month for avocado news.

A Hawaiian woman out for a Sunday stroll found a 5.23-pound avocado, which, she said, "was as big as my head," that may land her a Guinness World Record.

The California wildfires may have taken a toll on the avocado crops in the affected region, but thankfully, because most of the avocados we eat are from Mexico, the New York Times predicts that "consumers are unlikely to see a surge in the price of avocados from the fire." Phew.

And a Los Angeles writer has spotted a local restaurant that is now charging "Market Price" for Avocado Toast, which definitely feels like a milestone of some sort.

But the biggest news is probably this: The British department store Marks & Spencer is now selling a pitless avocado that can be eaten whole — no slicing needed! — as a way to combat the dread "avocado hand" (i.e., cutting your hand while slicing an avocado). Incredible.

The shop’s "cocktail avocado," as it is known, is quite petite — narrow and only 2 to 3 inches long. Its soft, smooth skin is edible — unlike the tough stuff of normal avocados. Grown in Spain from an "unpollinated blossom" that "develops without a seed," and originally destined for high-end restaurants in Paris, the pitless avocados will be available in the U.K. only for the month December, the Guardian reports.

Charlotte Curtis, a food technology specialist at M&S, has called the pitless fruit "the holy grail of avocados," adding that the store is "very excited to have finally been able to get hold of some for our customers to try."

Pity we aren’t able to get our hands on it here. Yet …?

Photo courtesy of @marksandspencer

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