This Pizza-Burger Mash-Up Is Quite a Stretch

The Japanese fast-food chain Lotteria is serving a stretchy pizza/burger mashup tucked between a pair of 'plump buns.'

Talk about a festival of fried foods.

The Japanese fast food chain Lotteria has bestowed upon the world such groundbreaking, headline-grabbing sandwiches as the noodle burger, a double steak sandwich so long in relation to its bun that it has “sticking out” in its name, a spicy chicken sandwich so hot you have to sign a consent form to order it, and a cheeseburger topped (for reasons that may not be entirely clear but have something to do with Halloween, it seems) with a purple sauce. Now it has announced its latest weird menu item: a Margherita-style Stretchy Pizza Burger.

A follow-up to Lotteria’s recent stretchy cheeseburger, the stretchy pizza burger contains no meat — only a spicy breaded and fried slab of stretchy mozzarella cheese. That’s paired with a hash-brown patty and topped with a dab of ketchup and a dollop of basil, garlic and Parmesan sauce, all sitting atop a slice of what appears to be something like American cheese. The whole shebang is sandwiched between a pair of “plump buns.” Oh, and you can get it as part of a boxed meal with a piece of fried chicken on the side. 

The stretchy pizza burger is a limited-time, holiday seasonal offering, available only from December 7 through early January. And sure, it sounds kind of gross and not very diet friendly, but if you happen to be in Japan in the coming weeks, it may be worth a fry … er, try.

Photo courtesy of @event_checker

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