Trend Alert: Intricate Modernist Pies

You owe it to yourself to take a #pieart stroll through Instagram.

Trend alert: Beautifully designed, intricate, modernist pies — that are also quite tasty-looking — are the latest social media craze these days.

“High-Design Pie Is Instagram Food We Actually Love,” a Grubstreet headline recently gushed atop a piece in which Brooklyn-based food photographer and author Yossy Arefi compared the pie-forward movement to “millennial pink” in that “it was always around.”

Yet, writes Erin Geiger Smith, “While there may have been pie art 35 years ago, there was no #pieart. As it does with any trend or topic, Instagram lends immediacy to the phenomenon.”

Those of us who haven’t yet taken an immediacy-lending #pieart stroll through Instagram really owe it to ourselves to do so.

Just check out this museum-worthy pie by Seattle, Washington, Instagrammer Lauren Ko, which has captured mega-social-media attention (with 72,600 followers and counting for her 27 posts) following a nod from Design Milk, which called it a “masterpiece.”

“Quince U Been Gone,” Ko, whose handle is @lokokitchen, captioned the serenely beautiful image, noting that the stunning string-art crust contained a “hodgepodge” of “quince, apple, and cherry (last of my freezer summer stash.”

Ko’s incredible creations (which she apparently makes in her spare time; Grubstreet notes she works in an administrative job by day) are all worth a look (make that a gape): an argyle almond cream tart, one captioned “a breath of fresh pear,” and a bourbon pecan pie with dark chocolate upon which she has rendered Vincent van Gogh’s “The Starry Night” in nuts.

“Starry, Starry Nut by Vincent van Dough,” she called it, in what she characterized as her “most cringe-inducing caption yet!” (Personally, I am a fan of her puns; “Caught in the cross pears,” is truly a spot-on caption.)

And while Ko’s pies are undeniably standouts, plenty of other people are doing gorgeous things with pies and posting them on Instagram as well. You can find crusts that look like elaborate flowers (see also: this, this and this – and this and this), nifty geometric designs (like this or this), and crusts that reference the holidays.

It’s definitely pie time these elaborate creations got their due. 

Photo courtesy of @lokokitchen

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