You Can Dine Inside This Life-Size Gingerbread House

Great Wolf Lodge is now offering visitors a chance to enjoy a meal inside a life-size house made of gingerbread, frosting and candy.

Those of you who’ve dreamed of dining inside a giant gingerbread house now have your chance.

Great Wolf Lodge — the family-friendly resort chain famous for its indoor water parks — is now offering visitors a chance to enjoy a family meal inside a life-size house made of edible sweet ingredients, part of its seasonal Snowland celebration, which runs from November 25 to January 1.

Designs vary from lodge to lodge (there are 14 locations in the nationwide chain, with several more due to open soon), since the culinary team at each resort is tasked with creating their own sugary structure.

“All of them use gingerbread, sugar, candies and frosting,” Rebecca Smith, a spokesperson for Great Wolf Lodge, told FN Dish.

On average, each gingerbread house contains more than 600 pounds of gingerbread dough, 1,300 pounds of sugar and hundreds of candies.

“Pastry chefs spend anywhere from 10 days to two weeks putting the elaborate homes together,” Smith says. “The tradition started back in 2011 as part of our annual Snowland celebration.”

The gingerbread house at Great Wolf Lodge in the Poconos Mountains, in Pennsylvania, features 20-foot-tall walls lined with Rice Krispies Treats as well as gingerbread cookies, held together by 1,000 pounds of frosting, according to Today. (The electric train making its circuits high on the wall, over what looks like clouds of pink cotton candy is, however, likely not edible — so safest not to try.) You can watch a time-lapse video of its construction here.

“Our culinary team spends weeks cooking up and creating the beauty of our life-size gingerbread house you and your pack can dine inside,” the Lodge notes, adding that any meal — breakfast, lunch or dinner — can be enjoyed inside the gingerbread house for a “nominal fee.” The fee goes to benefit the Ronald McDonald House Charities, which support families with children who are ill.

Having holiday fun with the family while doing good? That’s sweet!

Photo courtesy of Great Wolf Lodge

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