Superhero Eats at Chipotle for 431 Days, Shows No Sign of Stopping

Whatever your New Year’s resolution, here’s wishing you the kind of commitment shown by an Ohio man named Bruce Wayne.

Whatever your New Year’s resolution may be, here’s wishing you the kind of commitment and determination to it shown by an Ohio man named Bruce Wayne (yes, Batman fans, that is apparently his real name) to his unusual (some might say questionable) goal: eating at Chipotle for 426 days straight … and counting.

After learning that Chipotle was set to open a new location in his hometown of Tiffin, Ohio, back in October 2016, Wayne “conducted research” and discovered that another guy had eaten at the Mexican fast-food chain for 425 days, setting a record, according to a Chipotle press release. So Wayne set out to steal the record for himself, eating a meal at Chipotle every day for 426 days and duly documenting it (as one does) on Instagram, posting both meal and receipt. (From the looks of it, Wayne is clearly a big taco fan, but he’s not beneath a “bowl” every once in a while, either.)

On the 426th day, Chipotle marked Wayne’s record run by presenting him with “a custom-made Chipotle superhero cape and cufflinks — a nod to his love of both Batman and burritos” and pledging to donate the equivalent of the money Wayne spent on his Chipotle meals to the charity of his choice.

“My heart is SO full from today’s events!” Wayne wrote on his Instagram feed in a post that garnered responses such as “YOU ARE THE HERO THIS WORLD NEEDS.” (OK, so the bar might be a little low …)

Sweet, but here’s where Wayne’s dedication hits next-level: After he completed his record run, did he hang up his cape and stop eating Chipotle? No, he did not.

He’s still at it. Day 431 as I write this, and counting.

Wholly impressive, Batman. 

Photo courtesy of @mrwaynethebat

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