Viral 'Cooking with Your Mouth' Video Is So Gross and So Funny

Here are 12 moments in the thoroughly repulsive, bizarre-to-the-point-of-bonkers viral video that will make you laugh.

Some pieces of vegetables on a wood table


Some pieces of vegetables on a wood table

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Thoroughly repulsive, bizarre to the point of bonkers, sneakily thought-provoking and laugh-out-loud funny — that’s how one might describe the viral video titled “Cooking With Your Mouth,” in which a woman prepares turkey stuffing for Christmas dinner using her teeth to slice and dice onions, carrots, celery and garlic, the heat of her mouth to melt butter, her tongue to whisk eggs. (The title is maybe a wee bit imprecise, as she actually cooks the thing in the oven.)

The video, created by an Australian video artist named Nathan Cedia, who has a particular preoccupation with food, has racked up 81,000 views since it was posted to YouTube late last month; an edited version on Twitter boasts almost 1.5 million views. And some people — including, perhaps, one writer who called it “the food trend that we never, ever asked for” — seem to be taking it at face value.

But Cedia, in an interview with The Atlantic, puts it in context of his other work, which includes a video of a guy sneezing food onto a canvas, confirms that the mouth-cooking video is, uh, tongue-in-cheek, and says it’s about taking our cultural obsession with cooking “to the next step.”

“Cooking with your mouth might be disgusting to people. But it also shows us what we don’t need,” Cedia muses. “If you didn’t have a knife, what would you use? We are more powerful than we think we are.”

Whoa. Anyway, if you’ve seen only the edited (wordless) version, you really owe it to yourself to watch the full version on YouTube, although maybe not right after lunch.

Iska Lupton, as chipper host “Riva Godfrey,” is hilarious. Here are 12 moments that are good for an out-loud laugh:

1: The close-up of what may be either tears or snot on Riva’s face while she is dicing onions with her teeth. “It’s a bit teary. I do love cooking,” she says, her face slick with … whatever that is.

2: Dicing celery -- “the green dream” – Riva shares that she always uses the right side of her mouth, but encourages the rest of us to “do what feels more natural to you.”

3: Flat-leaf parsley? “Far sexier than curly,” she declares. And later: “As if by magic, diced parsley. Perfect.”

4: There is nothing better than garlic smell -- “for days and weeks.”

5: Close up of Riva’s mouth, agape and unsmiling, after chomping the raw garlic.

6: “If you don’t know how to target your bread, go at it like a hamburger,” advises Riva, before digging in to the “perfectly spherical” loaf.

7: “For safety’s sake,” Riva says, she is not using a zester for the lemon. Then watch how she goes at it with her hands.

8: She will also whisk the egg in her mouth.

9: “I don’t have a microwave, so I’m just going to warm the butter with the cozy insides of my mouth,” she announces.

10: “I can almost just hear the Christmas carols now,” she says.

11: “Absolutely perfect and made in 100 percent safety.”

12: And finally “using your hands, simply carve up the bird, and you’re ready to serve.”

Cedia apparently has plans for an even grosser follow-up that may involve meat. Yeah, chew that thought over. (Eeew.)

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