10 Times Celebrities Dressed as Food for Halloween

Remember Katy Pery as a cheese puff?

1. Katy Perry as a Cheeto

Perhaps one of the more memorable moments in celebs-dressed-as-food history — Katy decided to show off her love of Flamin’ Hot Cheetos by rocking a giant (somewhat-sparkly?) Cheeto costume made even more memorable with the addition of a foil Cheeto handbag.

2. Lady Gaga in a Meat Dress

Ok, so this wasn't for Halloween. But we would be remiss not to mention this truly iconic food fashion moment.

3. Nick Jonas as the Hamburglar

Hide your fast food burgers, the Hamburglar is out!

4. Gwen Stefani as an Egg

Not the best execution of a food costume, Gwen decided to keep it simple with this over-easy egg pullover. There isn’t much more to this costume — other that some random black tights. We love eggs as much as the next person, and we think a dish as iconic as a fried egg deserves a little more attention to detail.

5. Heidi Klum as the Forbidden Fruit

Speaking of attention to detail, the queen of Halloween did not disappoint when she showed up to her famous Halloween party decked out in an apple costume with a vicious-looking serpent wrapped around it.

Instagram // @chrissyteigen

Instagram // @chrissyteigen

6. Luna Legend as a Hot Dog

The cutest little hot dog we have ever seen!!!

Instagram // @chrissyteigen

Instagram // @chrissyteigen

7. Luna Legend as a Banana

The cutest little BANANA we’ve ever seen!

Instagram // @gisele

Instagram // @gisele

8. Gisele and Tom Brady as Avo Toast

Known for their ridiculously strict died — which I’m pretty positive restricts toast — Gisele Bundchen and husband Tom Brady went with a notoriously healthy snack for their Halloween costume back in 2017.

Instagram // @jessietyler

Instagram // @jessietyler

9. Jesse Tyler Ferguson as Fruit

We love a group costume, and Jesse Tyler Ferguson, husband Justin Mikita and their dog, Fennel, certainly did not disappoint here.

10. Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon as Milk and Cookies

Again, have we mentioned how much we love a couple costume?

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