11 Ways Fries Are Eaten Around the World




Fast food.

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1. U.K.: Fish and Chips

Before you say "you mean fish and fries?" please note that there is a difference between the two. Chips are always short and thick, whereas fries can have many different shapes and sizes.

There's something about the pairing of fried fish fillets and chunky chips that are a match made in heaven.



Image of cooked freshness potato food with tomato sauce in plate

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2. Spain: Patatas Bravas

Fried home fries covered in a tomato sauce and a white aioli? It's basically a potato lover's dream. You'll find these at tapas bars all over Spain.



French fries in breakfast.

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3. South Korea: Honey Butter Fries

Honey and butter on fries? Sign us up. McDonald's in South Korea started selling these sweet fries as a response to the outrageously popular honey butter chips. Chips as in chips, not chips as in fish and chips. Confusing, I know.

To sum that all up: honey butter CHIPS were so good that McDonald's made honey butter FRIES. Either way, a potato is a potato at the end of the day.

4. Greece: Gyro

Meat wrapped in a pita, filled with fries, tzatziki, tomato and onion might seem a bit OTT. But fries are life, so we say anything goes.



Man holding chips with mayonnaise.

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5. Europe: Fries and Mayonnaise

The Europeans know what's up. Mayonnaise is everything and more, so fries with mayonnaise just makes them that much better.



chili cheese fries

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6. U.S.: Chili Cheese Fries

Fries covered in chili then smothered in cheese. America at it's fry-est.

7. U.K.: Curry Chips

Fun fact: Curry is a national dish in the U.K. Now that I've blown your minds, look at this very innovative way they eat their chips. The Brits just can't get enough of their curry.  



Closeup to a serving of Poutine in Canada which consists of fries, gravy and cheese curds.

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8. Canada: Poutine

Not entirely sure what the Canadians were thinking when they put cheese curds and gravy on fries, but we're very thankful for it.

Homemade Peruvian Salchipapa Fries

Homemade Peruvian Salchipapa Fries

Homemade Peruvian Salchipapa Fries with Mayo Ketchup and Mustard

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9. Peru: Salchipapas

Created in Peru but enjoyed all throughout Latin America, salchipapas are fries topped with sliced sausages, ketchup, mayo and hot peppers. Oh. My. Gosh.

10. Belgium: Moules Frites

Moules is French for mussels, and frites is... you guessed it: fries! The French speaking European countries love their mussels sauteed in a simple white wine and garlic sauce with a giant side of crispy, thick fries. Mayo optional.

11. Tanzania: Chipsi Mayai

An omelette with fries in it. Ah-mayyy-zing.

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