All the Pumpkin Carving Tools You Need for the Perfect Jack-o-Lantern

It's pumpkin season, y'all!

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October 15, 2018
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Halloween is right around the corner which means it's time to prime your pumpkin-cutting skills and get to work. We've rounded up 13 must-have products for carving a spooky, or just plain silly, jack-o-lantern.

For a one-stop pumpkin carving kit, the Pumpkin Masters has it all covered with this all-in-one set. The tools are made for the task with "comfort handles" that come sized for inside-the-pumpkin work.

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Technically this saw is made for cutting through pieces of drywall, but you see those big teeth and that sturdy handle? They're perfect for cutting the top of a pumpkin off. It's not going to cut it (sorry, had to) for more intricate jobs, but it's going to make the big jobs so much easier.

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Using an ice cream scoop to dig out the guts of your pumpkin is a pretty tried-and-true trick, but if you want to really ease your effort, try an ice cream spade instead. It's not so rounded and has a bigger surface area and a bit of a sharper edge. It'll work well to scrape the insides off the walls of your pumpkin and make pulling the guts out a little easier.

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You won't have to worry about whether or not you're cutting within the lines of your traced design if you use dry erase markers. These fine-point ones will let you trace your design on your pumpkin with ease and if you can still see some of your lines once you're done carving, just wipe it right off.

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You know those pumpkins you see that look professionally carved sitting on your neighbors stoop? They were made with stencils. Seriously impress your trick-or-treaters with an intricate design. You can find loads of free, printable templates for pumpkin carving online, like at our sister site HGTV.

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If you're an amature sculptor with some tools lying around, put them to use on your pumpkin. This basic set is made for sculpting clay but it also works great for the fine details of your pumpkin masterpiece. And even if you're no clay master, you'll have some tools to start a new hobby once Halloween is over.

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If you plan on using a stencil for your pumpkin, you're going to need some good scraping and gouging tools to do the job. Some of the more intricate ones have several different layers of shading and using linoleum cutters like these will make the work go so much quicker.

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The makers at Dremel must've caught wind that people were using their rotary tools for pumpkin carving because they made one just for that purpose. It's not as powerful or as fast as the wood carving tool, which makes it just right for pumpkins. Plus it costs way less, so if you're using it for a once-a-year task, this is the way to go.

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Put thoughts of fire-related accidents at bay by using battery-operated twinkle lights in your pumpkin instead of tea candles. Once Halloween is over, you can use them to decorate anywhere that could use a little sparkle. Plus, you won't have to worry about relighting candles if this All Hallow's Eve is a windy one.

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You know all those projects you have that would be made so much easier with a good drill? Yeah, well, in October pumpkin carving moves to the top of the list. You can make the prettiest jack-o-lantern just by drilling holes into your pumpkin. Let your imagination run wild in polka-dot designs of all kinds.

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Once you've got your perfectly (or imperfectly) carved pumpkin done and ready to sit on your doorstep, help it last longer with this simple trick. Protect the cut surfaces of your pumpkin with a light swipe of petroleum jelly. It will slow down the decaying effects of oxygen by creating a protective barrier.

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Go super low-effort with great results by using cookie cutters on your pumpkin. These are Halloween-themed, but use whatever shapes speak to you (or whatever you've got in your cabinet). All you'll need to do it scoop out your pumpkin and hammer in the cutters with a mallet. Pop out the shapes and voila! Jack-o-lantern magic.

Ok, this one isn't technically for carving your pumpkin. It's for your pumpkin seeds! Don't let those delcious little snacks go to waste. Separate them from the guts, rinse them off and pop them on a nonstick cookie sheet for the best fall treat. Get more details on roasting them here.

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