The Cutest Trick-or-Treat Buckets and Bags for Your Kid's Halloween Haul

Get your candy-hauling muscles primed for the big night!

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October 17, 2018
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Halloween is arguably kids' favorite night of the year. To make sure they're all set for the big event, here are some of the cutest (and some spooky) buckets, bags and pails to bring in the big haul.

For the slightest twist on the classic orange bucket, opt for a black one. Before you say that it's harder to see, you're right. It is approximatey 97 percent harder to see to drop candy in. But if you want a container that matches your cold, black Halloween heart, this is it.

Score four treat bags in one with these sacks that are adorned with simple Halloween icons. They're great for families with more than one kid because each kids can get an assigned color so there's no candy confusion in the days following the big night.

The reigning king of bad dads, Darth Vader, makes an excellent receptical for a candy haul. It's like his head was just waiting for someone to fill it with goodies. If your trick-or-treater is going as any of the Star Wars characters, this is the perfect pail to bring along.

This super customizable bucket bag is perfect for sweet little princesses, cute cats or not-quite-scary mummies. You can monogram it and choose a Halloween-appropriate image to display on the side.

If there are throngs of kids to fight through at each door on Halloween, give your little one a little edge with a Loot Scoop. While everyone else is limited by the length of their little arms, this goodie bag will be able to reach at least twice as far because of the smart pole attached to it.

Suggested line for carriers of this bucket: "Trick or treat, I'm Batman." Have your tiny superhero deadpan this line and watch as they rack up the candy. The obvious move is to pair this with a Batman costume, but go a little subversive by carrying this Bat head while dressed as The Joker.

To make sure every kid can be included equally, try out a tote bag that can make the fun much more accessible. Made for kids with Autism, this bag happily announces the trick-or-treat message that makes the night such a delight, but may not be easy for every kid to say.

It's unlikely that any other night of the year rivals Halloween for the amount of glow-in-the-dark items deployed to the streets of our fine towns and cities. Add to the scrum with a bright little ghost bucket.

OK this T-rex makes the list because it's so stinkin' cute it hurts. Chances are pretty high with something this bulky, it's going to get bumped into and some candy will be sadly, inevitably, lost to the streets. BUT! SO! CUTE!

Ward off nefarious black cats that may cross your path with a bag full of your own. That's how supersitions work, right? When done scarfing down your haul, this grocery-style tote can be scrunched up and put away until next year. Or make it do double duty and carry your groceries!

If you've got a trick-or-treater with retro tastes, try out an old school pail. These metal pails are decorated with classic Peanuts characters and no doubt make a delightful clinking sound as the good stuff is dropped in.

This adorable little pumpkin bills itself as a superhero bag, but why limit it to that? It could also be just right for a Harry Potter costume (note the lightning bolt) or even better for a tiny David Bowie from the Ziggy Stardust era!

It may be hard to pick between the four adorable patterns on these petite treat bags. They're all so adorable! The felt will be easy on little hands and the sensible size is just right for the smallest ghouls.

Perfect for the smaller set, this plush pumpkin is squishy and adorable and limits the amount of candy your kiddo can actually score by sheer volume. Once it's full, you're done! Sneaky parental tricks are part of Halloween, too. Mwah ha ha ha!

Bonus points for anything that lights up on Halloween. Spooky good fun is great, but sometimes a little glow takes just the right edge off for the youngest tricksters. The spider on this candy bag illuminates which is perfect for the not-so-brave.

When you tell your kids stories of the Halloweens of your youth, chances are you tell them you used to go out with a pillowcase. Those were the days. Let your kids relive the glory of your childhood with a case adorned with a spooky face.

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