17 Weird Ways People Eat Junk Food

Kourtney Kardashian’s Kit Kat ritual is bizaaaarre

Instagram // @pangpangbrewery

Instagram // @pangpangbrewery

1. Drinking Beer in the Shower

Otherwise known as a “shower beer.” Yup, it’s a thing. People crack open a cold one while washing the day away. It’s all in the name of cleansing the body and the soul. And multi-tasking.

Shower beers are so much of a thing, in fact, that a Swedish brewery, PangPang, in partnership with creative agency Snask, released a line of beer designed specifically for the act. The Shower Beer is meant to be sipped in three to four gulps and packs double the typical ABV. It also doubles as a hair conditioner.



Wavy fizzy coke soda

Photo by: brainmaster


2. Taking Popcorn with Soda

Reddit user turkishknowsdiamonds says: “I put about 4 pieces of popcorn in my mouth and then take a swig of soda. The sweet and salty are delicious. My husband tried it once and got grossed out because the popcorn was soggy.”



A glass bowl overflowing with mouth-watering popcorn.Click on the banner below to see more photos like this.

Photo by: magnetcreative


3. Picking Up Popcorn with Your Tongue

This #LIFEHACK is courtesy of yours truly. The worst part of eating popcorn is getting all that slippery butter and salt all over your fingertips. How can you possibly browse the deep dark web and keep your keyboard clean?

Solution: throw your popcorn in a shallow bowl and stick your tongue in to pick up each piece.

Will you look like a frog? Yes. But is this the most efficient way to get popcorn from the bowl and into your mouth? Ab-so-freaking-lutely.



4. Eating Cheetos or Doritos with Chopsticks

In the same vein, once you start eating those messy, cheesy snacks with chopsticks, you’ll be free. Free to live your life without the great burden of disgusting cheese powder-caked fingers.



Hot and spicy corn chips. Abstract food textures.

Photo by: AnikaSalsera


5. Prioritizing the Cheesiest Side of a Dorito

This is from Reddit user TheDudesCarpet: “I always look at both sides of a Dorito™ and put the cheesiest part towards my tongue.”

Didn’t know one side could be cheesier… but might as well incorporate that hot tip into your Dorito eating optimization process.




Photo by: TheCrimsonMonkey


6. Eating Instant Ramen Raw

Believe it or not, it is OK to eat instant ramen as is. It’s like eating chips. And it’s even better with that powder seasoning all over it.

Instagram // @jeeplikeacar

Instagram // @jeeplikeacar

7. Dipping McDonald’s Fries in Vanilla Soft Serve

I am a proud proponent of this one. I do it any time I get the chance. It is SO good. Sweet, cold and creamy ice cream is the perfect complement to a crisp, salty fry. Everything you could ever want in a single bite.

Instagram // @passionforbaking

Instagram // @passionforbaking

8. Methodically Eating Cookie Dough Ice Cream

From Reddit user AwaitingPatch: “My brother does this. When he eats cookie dough ice cream and gets a bit of dough, he spits it back into the bowl until all that is left is the dough and then he eats it.”

I’m sorry, but WHAT in God’s name?

9. Dipping Cheez-Its in Peanut Butter

“I used to feed it to my dog. So I decided to try it myself. And now I dip Cheez-Its in peanut butter.” Straight from a Food Network intern. What more of a reason could you need?




Photo by: Liliboas


10. Dismembering a Pizza, Basically

Reddit user powerfulAvacado reveals: “I take the toppings of pizza and set them aside, pull off the cheese, wrap the cheese into a little cheesey roll thing, eat it, eat the toppings, and throw away the bread part.”

Why? Just – why?



A very close view of broken tortilla chips.

Photo by: BWFolsom


11. Making Nacho Cereal

Reddit user Grundelwald says they: “Take tortilla chips and smash them up into broken pieces and crumbs. Then I mix some hot sauce and/or salsa with some sour cream at about a 2:1 ratio. Then I dump the chips in and eat it like nacho cereal.”

Not a bad idea, tbh.

Youtube // Complex

12. Letting Cereal Get Soggy, the Kendrick Lamar Way

YouTube // Complex

In a 2012 segment with Complex, Kendrick Lamar broke down how he eats his favorite cereal, Fruity Pebbles. “I got this sh*t down to a science.”

“In the beginning of this cereal, this particular cereal, the crunch is always one of a kind. I’m serious. I eat that one crunch just to get it, just to get the feel of it, and then I just let that sh*t sit… Bring it back after a minute. 60/40 rule. I like half of my sh*t 60% soggy, and the other 40 crunchy… And that’s the key.”

I don’t know about this one, Kendrick, I don’t know.



Kids healthy quick breakfast. Colorful rice cereal with milk on wooden background. Copy space. Selective focus. Square image

Photo by: JuliaKa


13. Keeping Milk and Cereal Separate

“I am the complete opposite. I hate milk with cereal. I always eat a spoon full of cereal, then I drink my milk on the side. I like my cereal crunchy haha,” says Reddit user rawritzrobin.

Honestly, this makes total sense to me. It’s the only way to ensure that every piece of cereal is at its maxiumum crunchiness.




Photo by: TheCrimsonMonkey


14. Biting Burgers in a Spiral

Reddit user HashielDammit: “I eat burgers from the outside in, like a spiral. I take a bite, rotate it and take another bite and so on. The object is to craft the perfect last bite - gooey, cheesy, bacon-y, minimal bun. I do the same with subs - I take a bite from one end, then the other.”

Well, OK, burgers ARE round… maybe the rest of us have been eating them wrong all along.



Red gummy bear

Photo by: artisteer


15. Biting Off the Nubs of a Gummy Bear Before Eating the Rest of It

This one’s from our Director of Social Media.

I don’t know. It also sounds like the way a serial killer would eat their gummy bears.

Youtube // Kourtney Kardashian

Youtube // Kourtney Kardashian

16. Kourtney Kardashian’s Kit Kat Ritual

In a 2016 self-released video, Kourtney Kardashian showed the world the ultimate way to eat a Kit Kat. Taught to her by Kim when they were 7 or 8 years old, the ritual is well… bizarre. But Kourt guarantees her way makes the candy taste “so much better. I would never even dream to eat a Kit Kat and just like bite into it.”

It’s a six-step process:

  1. Break off one Kit Kat. “Like, one piece.”
  2. Eat chocolate off each end. “You’re not supposed to eat the crunchy part yet.”
  3. Eat chocolate on each side. (The lengths of the Kit Kat bar)
  4. Separate and eat the top. (Yes... pull off the top layer of chocolate.)
  5. Separate and eat the bottom.
  6. Eat the middle (The wafer. The naked wafer.)

TL;DR Kim and Kourt take apart Kit Kat bars layer. by. layer.



Wierden, the Netherlands - September 15, 2011 : White Tic Tac mints in a transparent plastic 18g box against a red background ; a very popular refreshment mint, made by the Italian Ferrero company.

Photo by: Jaap2


17. Swallowing Tic Tacs Whole

Definitely *would not* recommend trying this at home, but we’re just gonna leave this one here from Reddit user eukaRIOTa: “I always swallow the whole Tic-Tac's and don't let them dissolve in my mouth. I don't know how to Tic-Tac, apparently.”

Some of us can’t be helped.

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