15 Limited-Edition Halloween Candies to Hunt for This Year

Trick-or-treat yo'self!

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October 08, 2019

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Yes, Reese's Peanut Butter Cups, 3 Musketeers and even Dots (bleh) are classic Halloween treats. But c'mon, we've been chowing down on those candies for years. It's time to spice up your sugar rush with a haul of brand new, limited-edition treats. From sour bats to Halloween gingerbread houses, add these foods to your shopping carts ASAP this spooky season.


Target, $3.59

Pumpkin season is officially here, and Kit Kat’s newest fall flavor will have you drooling. And no, it’s not pumpkin spice. Hershey’s recently released pumpkin pie-flavored Kit Kats, and let’s just say that these yummy chocolates deserve a spot on your Thanksgiving table (and in your Halloween basket). They’re made of crispy wafers wrapped in a pumpkin pie-flavored creme, and they taste exactly like the real deal.

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Target, $1.49

Zombie Skittles are the definition of trick or treat. This new bag of candy looks like regular ol’ Skittles — but beware! Some of the candy pieces are sweet and fruity, while others taste like rotten eggs. So, brace yourself before you grab a handful. There’s a good chance you’ll get a mouthful of YUCK.

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Target, $5.89

For the past three years, Halo Top has blessed us with its seasonal, pumpkin spice-infused ice cream. The pumpkin flavor is spot on, and this low-cal treat even includes lil chunks of pie crust! But this year, for the first time ever, Halo Top is also releasing a dairy-free version. The Non-Dairy & Vegan Pumpkin Pie Halo Top is made with coconut milk, and just like the original, it weighs in at only 350 calories. 

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Amazon, $4.99

Trolli is really trolling (😉) us this spooky szn. The brand has released Sour Brite Mystery Night Crawlers, and these neon gummy worms offer a jolt of sweetness and sourness. Each bag contains three different color combos (white and pink, white and blue plus white and green), but the flavors of each color combo are a secret. Guess we’ll have to try a bag (or two) to figure it out!

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Amazon, $14.95 for pack of 3

Looks like Oreo is also getting *mysterious* this Halloween. The cookie brand has announced its annual Mystery Oreo competition, and if you can guess the mystery flavor, you have the chance to win $50,000. We were lucky enough to score a pack of Mystery Oreos, and the flavor is definitely unique. While this cookie looks like a normal Oreo, it tastes like a cinnamon graham cracker. Grab ’em while you can — the Mystery Oreo will disappear on November 10.

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Walmart, $2.50

These sugar cookies are cute enough to hand out to trick-or-treaters. M&M’s first released their Ghoul’s Mix a few years ago, and now it’s available in cookie form. This cookie dough features milk chocolate M&M’s in a variety of Halloween colors, along with orange pumpkin, black bat and white ghost sprinkles. Boo-tiful! 

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Target, $9.99

Who said you can only build a gingerbread house during the winter holiday season? This Halloween treat allows you to build a haunted mansion out of pre-baked chocolate cookies. The kit also includes sprinkles, decorative candy and black, orange and green icing. So, whether you’re crafting the Addam’s Family home or Dr. Frankenstein’s castle, you can get creative.

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Walmart, $19.54

Speaking of the Addam's Family, we have a feeling this skull bowl would fit perfectly inside their spooky abode. This Hershey's and Addam's Family Halloween collab includes an assortment of miniature chocolate goodies (think Mr. Goodbars, Heath Bars and Milk Duds), and the candy wrappers feature characters from the new The Addams Family movie.

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Target, $3.19

M&M's is also rolling out Creepy Cocoa Crisp candies this Halloween. On the inside, these M&M's are filled with crispy cocoa pieces, and on the outside, there's a rich dark chocolate shell. Basically, these lil candies pack even MORE chocolate than regular ol' Crispy M&M's. Who even knew that was possible?

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Target, $3.59

These Monster Kisses are too cute to be scary! The classic silver Hershey's Kisses foils have been swapped for purple, blue and green monster designs that'll add a vibrant touch to your Halloween candy bowl.

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Target, $4.99

Not all candy this season needs to be Halloween-themed or pumpkin-flavored. Don't worry, caramel apple, Dove didn't forget about you! These delicious candies consist of caramel and graham cracker crisps wrapped in a smooth white chocolate coating. It's like biting into an itty, bitty apple pie.

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Target, $1.82

Crack open Target's exclusive Halloween Kinder Egg to find a mystery toy inside. Spoiler alert: the surprise toy is pretty monstrous, if you know what we're saying 😏.

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Amazon, $6.99

Your favorite mouth-puckering straws just got a makeover — and now, they're in quintessential Halloween shapes. The new pumpkin and bat-shaped Sour Punch candies come in snack-size pouches. So, you can them share with friends... or rip off the top and dump the bag straight into your mouth.

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Amazon, $14.99 for 2

In any other circumstance, we'd strongly advise against drinking green milk. However, in this case, we'll let it slide. Turns out, the ghost-shaped pieces in Cap'n Crunch's limited-edition Halloween Crunch turns the milk in your cereal bowl green. Spooky!

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Target, $5.49

You can easily work a Ring Pop into your Halloween costume this year. Zombie bride? You need a Ring Pop. Sophie Turner and Joe Jonas? You need TWO Ring Pops. Luckily, these wearable treats are now available in a brand new Halloween-themed bag. Each Ring Pop is individually packaged, and the 22-count bag includes Strawberry, Blue Raspberry and Purpleberry flavors.

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