Cinnabon Buns Will Now Be Delivered to Your Door

Thanks to a sweet, cinnamony partnership with Pizza Hut.



Pizza Hut delivers one-of-a-kind dessert from Cinnabon starting Oct. 8

Photo by: Hand-out


Fans of both Pizza Hut and Cinnabon have found themselves in a serious sweet spot. The two companies have just announced plans to include Cinnabon Mini Rolls on Pizza Hut delivery menus.

The permanent menu addition brings Cinnabon’s cream-cheese-frosting-topped cinnamon swirls -- and their attending aroma, the signature smell of airports and shopping malls across the land -- into your home, along with your pizza order. An order of 10 mini rolls is $5.99 and they are available not only for delivery, but also for eat in and carry out at Pizza Hut locations nationwide.

"There's nothing better than polishing off pizza night with something sweet,” Marianne Radley, Pizza Hut chief brand officer, said in a news release, “so the new Cinnabon Mini Rolls are a perfect addition to our dessert portfolio."

Cinnabon leadership, meanwhile, said it was excited to find a new way to deliver its signature product to its “incredibly passionate fans.”

And judging from the response to the Pizza Hut/Cinnabon partnership on social media, they weren’t kidding about the “passionate” part.

“My most favorite collab!!!”

“I’m in love“

“Life is complete”

Sounds like the scent of success. (Suh-weet!)

Photo courtesy of Cinnabon

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