Dunkin' Donuts to Ditch the ‘Donuts’

The chain is changing its name, and social media is taking it kind of hard.



Lancaster, PA, USA - May 8, 2018: Exterior sign of Dunkin' Donut fast food bakery and store, which offers fresh doughnuts, sandwiches, coffee and beverages at over 12,000 locations.

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In a move that may somehow seem both shocking and inevitable, Dunkin’ Donuts recently announced its intention to ditch the noun half of its name and rebrand itself, simply, as Dunkin’.

You could see it as a battle between history (Dunkin’ Donuts has been so named for 68 years) and the fitness-focused present day (doughnuts are probably no one’s idea of a health food), with what has emerged as a clear winner, at least for now.

Or you could just see it as an acknowledgment that things that aren’t doughnuts – like coffee and other beverage and food items – constitute an ever greater percentage of Dunkin’ Donuts’ … er, Dunkin’s sales. That’s how the chain -- which is keeping the doughnuts even as it ditches the “Donuts” -- is spinning it.

“Our new branding is a clear signal that there’s something new at Dunkin’. It speaks to the breadth of our offerings,” Dunkin’ Brands CEO David Hoffman told the media in a conference call, the AP reports.

The new name and logo, which will retain the old name and logo’s font and orange-and-pink color palette and has been telegraphed as of 2006 in the chain’s doughnut-free motto, “America Runs on Dunkin’,” will become official in January and be phased in to the chain’s 12,500 restaurants around the world, according to the AP.

Reaction on social media has been … let’s call it skeptical.

A random sampling of Twitter comments:

“Everybody will still call it Dunkin' Donuts anyway. This name change is stupid and a waste of time.”

“… why change a name that has stood since 1950? Plus without the word donuts what exactly are we Dunkin’?”

“Omg !!! Why does it have to change ??????? We know what you sell !!!!! Ugh ... leave my DD alone

“Should have went with Dunks, No one will say, ‘Hey, lets go to Dunkin.’ Sounds terrible. Will the logo change to ‘D’?

“stop it you’re still Dunkin’ Donuts and you always will be

Yeah, change can be as hard as a day-old doughnut. That’s for sure.

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