Guy Eats Pizza for Dinner Every Night for 40 Years

Talk about commitment!

Pizza isolated on the white background


Pizza isolated on the white background

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Issaurinko, Issaurinko

We all know picky eaters, but a 41-year-old New Jersey teacher named Mike Roman is truly next level: He has eaten pizza every single day for as long as he can remember – probably since he was around three or four years old.

Every … single … day for almost 40 years.

Roman, who prefers his pizza “fresh” not frozen and is not even remotely a fan of toppings on his slice, says -- in a podcast interview on the site New Theory (flagged by Grubstreet and other sites) -- he ate pizza for pretty much every single meal for decades: breakfast, lunch and dinner.

In the last 10 years, however, he has cut back to eating it only for dinner. Always for dinner.

He started eating peanut butter on bread, toast or crackers for lunch a few years ago, and he’s willing to eat toast or a chocolate shake or cereal at other times of the day, too, if he’s really in a bind, but, he says, “I stayed with pizza every day for dinner.”

To answer a few of your (and his podcast interviewers’) questions: Roman says he is overall healthy and effortlessly slim, that despite the preponderance of carbs in his diet his digestive motility “seems fine,” and that he does not get sick of pizza even a little bit.

“Some people give me a hard time that I eat pizza every day and they’re married 60 years next to the same person every day,” he says, in his own defense. “I get [pizza] from different places so it’s a nice variety. It’s not a big deal.”

Recently married himself (he ate pizza both during the cocktail hour and dinner portion of his wedding a year ago, as well as for lunch before the nuptials and on his honeymoon in Aruba), during his single years Roman says he would take dates to restaurants that had pizza, but didn’t require them to eat pizza along with him.

“There’s a lot of good restaurants that have pizza and a full menu. So if I was going to take a girl out it wouldn’t necessarily have been Pizza Hut or let’s go to Domino’s,” he says, adding that he did warn the women he dated in advance that “look, I only eat pizza, so if we go anywhere, it’s going to be a place that has pizza.”

And yes, his wife sounds very understanding – even researching their travel destinations to ensure pizza accessibility.

At times, when discussing pizza, his lifeblood and lifelong love, Roman can sound almost philosophical.

“I don’t know, I guess every day I’m just as fascinated as the day before,” he muses. “It’s usually a circular pie [cut into] triangular slices and it comes in a square box.”

That’s deep-dish thinking there, people.

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