How People Do Breakfast Around the World

A survey reveals the most popular morning meals across the globe - from bacon and eggs to brötchen.


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The next time you’re sitting down to a nice breakfast of bacon and eggs, know this: That’s the preferred breakfast of most Americans, according to a rather small yet still interesting survey of breakfast cuisine around the world.

Perhaps because we are living in the Age of Keto, that fat-and-protein morning meal edged out carbier fare like pancakes, doughnuts, bagels with cream cheese, cereal, and biscuits and gravy to take top breakfast honors amongst U.S. residents in the survey of 731 people across nine countries conducted by the travel site

Meanwhile, the denizens of France, Germany and Italy are fully embracing carbs to kick off the day; they rank croissants, brotchen (a small, crusty roll) and cornetti (Italy’s cakier take on France’s flakey croissant) tops, respectively.

Those living in the U.K. ranked "full breakfast" (whatever that expansive term exactly means) first. Mexico is really into chilaquiles (a brunchy dish that cleverly integrates leftovers). Spain loves its tortillas de patatas (potato omelets). Thailand has demonstrated its taste for mu ping (marinated grilled pork on a skewer). And Turkey likes to gobble up sucuklu yumurta (a sausage and egg dish).

But here’s the thing: Just because people say they enjoy delicious breakfast foods doesn’t mean they actually eat them on a busy weekday morning, when they’re rushing to get to work or school, the survey found.

Monday through Friday, people in the U.K. tend to swap those sprawling “full breakfasts” for a quick bowl of cornflakes, and we Americans are making do with cereal. Even the French are saving their beloved croissants for Sunday and eating baguettes the other days of the week.

And while residents of Spain and Italy almost never skip breakfast, with 90 percent of them reporting that they eat it every day of the week, about one out of every four Germans say they go without breakfast on a typical weekday.

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