Pickle Pizza? Yeah, That’s Now a Thing

Back off, pizza purists, it actually sounds pretty good.

Is a pizza with no tomato sauce, but plenty of pickles, garlic and cheese a pizza? Please discuss!

Pizza purists are particularly peeved about a pickle-covered pizza, available at Rhino's Pizzeria and Deli in Webster, New York, that is the focus of a recent video by Food Insider.

“I love pizza and all but with pickles no thanks,” wrote one commenter in response to the video.

“Not in a million years,” sniffed another.

Yet the idea also had plenty of fans.

Sample positive response? “I need this now!”

Rhino’s, which sells about 30 pickle pizzas a day, spreads its pickle pizza crusts with homemade garlic sauce – rather than your usual marinara – and then tops them with mozzarella cheese and lots of dill pickle slices. (The pizzeria blows through around 10 gallons of pickles a week in the process.) Then, after a generous sprinkle of dill across the pie, it tucks it into its pizza ovens and voila! – you got a perfect pickle pizza.

It’s a popular item … is the pickle pizza, officially called The Big Dill.

“People have been coming from all over – Buffalo, Syracuse, Pennsylvania,” Rhino’s chef Cindy Arena told Food Insider, adding that the pickle pizza has proven to be a particular hit with pregnant women.

Food Insider recommends trying it with ranch dressing on top. Hmmm. Guess that’s better than pineapple. Or mustard.

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