Reese Witherspoon Had an Epic Food Fail – And Other Celebrity News

We’ve all been there, Reese.



Photo by: Marla Aufmuth/Getty

Marla Aufmuth/Getty

In this week’s news, Reese Witherspoon made a mess in the kitchen, Chrissy Teigen found the key to cauliflower rice and Taylor Swift celebrated her award wins in style. Scroll down to see everything you might have missed. Happy Friday!

Stars, they’re just like us!

Reese Witherspoon may be a mega-celeb, but she’s just as prone to kitchen fails as we are. The actress took to Instagram to share a pic of her exploded baked brie, with the caption, “it happens, people.” We just hope it tasted better than it looks!

Ice cream is always a good idea.

Ozzy Osbourne had hand surgery this week, but he eased the pain with an ice cream cone. Rock on, Ozzy.

Better with butter.

Can’t get on board with the cauliflower rice trend? Don’t worry – Chrissy Teigen found the solution. She ate hers after pouring a stream of melted butter on top.

Hailey Baldwin knows what’s up.

Even models can’t resist ramen. The newlywed slurped down noodles and beer while traveling through Tokyo.

Congrats, T-Swift!

How do you celebrate winning multiple American Music Awards? With wine, obviously! Taylor enjoyed a glass or two at her AMA’s after-party,


Serena Williams outraged fans with a photo of her tacos, which appear to be filled with just lettuce. “You mean Salad Sunday,” one fan wrote. Hey, taco salad is a totally respectable meal!

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