The Cheesecake Factory Is Giving Away Free Slices of Cheesecake for Halloween

And you barely even have to get off the couch to get one.

Photo by: Courtesy of The Cheesecake Factory

Courtesy of The Cheesecake Factory

Sure, the costumes and scary movies are fun, but when it comes down to it, Halloween is really about the candy. And of course we can count on The Cheesecake Factory to know what's up when it comes to celebrating a sweets-heavy holiday — this year, they're doing it with with free (!!) slices of candy-themed cheesecake.

From Oct. 29 through Oct. 31, the restaurant chain is offering complimentary slices of its Reese’s Peanut Butter Chocolate Cheesecake or Hershey’s Chocolate Bar Cheesecake to customers who place an order through DoorDash.

Here's how it works: During those three days, just pull up DoorDash (either the app or the website), place an order for $30 or more from your local Cheesecake Factory and enter the code TREATORTREAT at checkout. Then, sit back and enjoy your cheesecake from the comfort of your couch, preferably with your favorite Halloween movie already queued up on Netflix.

In case you missed it, this isn’t the first time the two companies have offered such a gift. Last December, they teamed up for "A Day of 10,000 Slices," where they delivered a whopping 10,000 slices of cheesecake in one day. And, just this summer, they became official partners for all of the Cheesecake Factory’s delivery orders.

We’re all for free cheesecake (or any food, really), so we’re definitely here for this beautiful friendship.

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