The Internet Is Obsessed with this Halloween Pan

Pizza skulls, anyone?

October 01, 2018
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Photo by: Photo by Genius Kitchen

Photo by Genius Kitchen

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How do you break the Internet? There are a couple of different options, as Kim Kardashian and IHOP (sorry, IHOB) would be sure to agree. However, we at FN Dish happen to think that if you’re trying to break the Internet, skull-shaped pizzas are the way to go.

Last year, Genius Kitchen’s pizza skull video racked up more than 102 million views, along with a ton of shares and comments. Pizza lovers went nuts for the ghoulish goodies, which are even creepier when pulled apart to reveal ooey-gooey cheese, a dribble of marinara sauce, and chunks of pepperoni.

How did the spooky snacks get their shape? With Nordic Ware’s super popular Haunted Skull Cakelet Pan. The nonstick, highly-detailed aluminum bakeware is a No. 1 bestseller on Amazon, and we’re willing to bet that a certain viral video had something to do with it.

“I saw the video about how to make the skull pizza rolls last year and told myself I'd try to pick one of these up on sale after the season,” wrote Amazon reviewer Wild Celtic Rose. “Didn't happen (they sell out crazy fast). I saw the video again this year, came here and ordered. Yes, they are expensive, but worth it! These pans are very heavy duty and well made.”

Photo by: Image courtesy of Amazon

Image courtesy of Amazon

More than 200 others would agree that the Halloween-themed pan is well worth the $49 price tag.

“I loved this pan,” another reviewer wrote. “Made pizza skulls in it for Halloween, and they came out beautifully. Easy to clean, nice heavy pan, worked beautifully. I would buy this over and over.”

Of course, the pan can make more than just pizza. Others have used it for cheesecakes, muffins and even mini-meatloaves. We have just one word of warning for you: If you also want to make a pizza skull (or meatloaf skull) this Halloween, act fast! As Wild Celtic Rose said, this creepy kitchenware tends to sell out crazy fast.

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