Wine Advent Calendar Is Sure to Boost Your Holiday Spirit

It’s one of many fancy Advent calendars hoping to help you count the days until Christmas.

Unusual advent calendars are definitely a thing right now: A seeker of the cool and the curious can mark the days of the Advent season with beauty and skincare products, colognes and candies, exotic and comforting teas, and even cheese. The last few years have definitely seen the advent of a new trend.

Of course you can also count down the days until Christmas in a boozy way – with whisky and/or a DIY craft-beer Advent box.

And then there’s what is purported to be the world’s first wine Advent calendar. The 2018 edition of Vinebox’s “12 Nights of Wine” includes 12 curated “world-class wines” from Italy, France, Spain and elsewhere.

Featuring a mix of seasonally appropriate reds and whites and available as both a treat for yourself or shipped as a gift, the Vinebox wine Advent calendar, priced at $129, is not cheap. But that probably won’t keep it from being in high demand. Last year’s edition sold out in less than four weeks. Now available for pre-order, it ships on November 15.

There’s also a neat little potential bonus. Ten lucky winners will find a sparkly bottle included in their boxes, entitling each winner to a year’s worth of wine from Vinebox, a membership-based wine curator.

“Countdown with a new glass of wine every night because we're adults and chocolate just doesn't cut it anymore...,” Vinebox says of its 12-night wine Advent calendar.

Not sure about that chocolate part, but won’t argue with a good nightly glass of wine to lubricate the holiday glide.

Photo courtesy of @getvinebox

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