You Can Now Eat Golden Girls Cereal for Breakfast

But only if you’re lucky (and determined) enough to get your hands on a box.

You’d think that cheesecake would be the perfect food to eat while watching reruns of “The Golden Girls,” but cereal may be more ideal still. Not just any cereal: a new multigrain cereal that happens to be a deep blue (not golden) hue and also features cartoony renderings of Dorothy, Blanche, Sophia and Rose on the box – not to mention little figurines in their likeness inside.

Some 26 years after the classic ‘80s TV show that bears its name went off the air – but the very same year in which a cookbook of recipes inspired by the show has been announced -- “Golden Girls” cereal, from the pop-culture novelty company Funko, is hitting the shelves at Target stores. But only some Target stores. And production of the cereal will reportedly be limited.

That means it is a) super hard to get your hands on in an actual store and b) really expensive to buy on eBay.

The Twittersphere has lit up with pleas from people desperate to buy the cereal at a Target near them (it retails for $7.99 per box), and boasts from people who have managed to buy it.

“Yes, you need to pick up your Golden Girls cereal,” intones one guy, apparently a Minnesotan, thoughtfully chowing down on the stuff. “Yes, it is not made in St. Olaf, but Rose [he holds up a figurine of the character played by Betty White] says you need to buy this.” (Do you suppose it tastes like Sperheoven Krispies?)

“My life is complete now lol,” declared another successful cereal shopper.

For those willing to shell out before they sell out, there are a few boxes available on eBay – and they’re currently going for upwards of $30.

Or if you haven’t been able to find the cereal in your local Target, perhaps you can enlist your pals to help with the search. Thank you for being a friend and all.

Photo courtesy of @geeksofgalaxy

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