A London Pub Has Created a Vegan Avocado Beer

May we suggest enjoying this alongside toast?

Today in avocado news: A pub in London’s trendy Shoreditch neighborhood is poised to introduce a vegan avocado beer.

And guess what Long Arm Pub, on Worship Street, is calling its vegan avocado beer? Millennial Stout.

So appropriate.

Available starting on November 5, at £5.50 (about $7) a pour, the “100% Vegan and infused with Avocado” dark beer, brewed on site at the pub, has been created in celebration of Vegan Month, according to Long Arm Pub’s Instagram. (And no, I didn’t know November was Vegan Month until just now, either.)

The deep brown beer, which will be pumped fresh for thirsty customers directly from 500-liter tanks, features dark malts "combined with a subtle creamy avocado flavor and aroma," a press rep for the pub told the Evening Standard.

Long Arm Pub’s craft beer list also includes a Belgian pale ale made with elderflower and a stout infused with coffee.

But avocado beer sounds like the best one for toasting (here’s to long-overdue beer ideas!), not to mention the best one to enjoy with toast.

Photo courtesy of @longarmworkshipst

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