Staffer Picks: What Our Editors Are Buying on Cyber Monday

Check out these items before they sell out!

November 26, 2018

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Cyber Week sales aren't over yet! If you're sitting at your desk trying to tackle the rest of your holiday shopping, you're not alone. These are the items our staffers are adding to their carts before Cyber Monday is over.

Keep in mind: Price and stock could change after publish date, and we may make money from these links.

Once I started using these reusable silicone bags, I immediately knew I would need more. I meal prep every week and love how these durable, high-quality bags store everything my glass containers don’t! Get them while they’re on sale because they’re an investment … but one that you’ll be happy you made.

- Gabriela Rodiles, Social Media Specialist

I’m self-gifting on Cyber Monday; I bought a small non-stick Ballarini fry pan last year at the Henckles sale on a whim – the price was too good – and I love it. I use it almost every day – eggs in the morning, and fish or scallops for dinner. I love the pan – it’s easy to clean and it gets the best sear on a piece of fish – but it’s too small to cook anything else, so I’m buying myself this set of two larger ones.

- Michelle Buffardi, VP, Digital Programming

My dad has been trying to talk me into getting a food saver for years; his single-portion lasagna speaks for itself – it keeps for months in my freezer with no sign of freezer burn or spoilage. I’ve been holding out because my kitchen is already stocked with tons of gadgets (I know, poor me). But I changed my mind after my sister had her first baby this weekend and I went into a cooking frenzy. I wanted to make sure the food I was cooking would last the new parents for the long months ahead when they’re tight on time and sleep.

- Julie Hines, Digital Programming Manager

I’ve been saying for almost four years now that I think our oven is too hot, but complaining about it was easier than doing anything about it. Well, I’ve reached my limit, and, yes, that overly browned pumpkin pie crust on Thanksgiving might’ve put me over the edge! I’m buying an oven thermometer I can hang from one of the racks and finally put this temperature mystery behind me.

- Meghan Cole, Associate Editor

I see versions of these boards all over Instagram, and the witty quotes make me laugh every time. I’ve got my eyes on this small-ish board; it’s tiny enough to fit into my cramped NYC apartment, but I’ll have enough room for a funny caption.

- Maria Russo, Senior Editor

Something I’ve been wanting for a while are these Sonos speakers for my house. I have a different Bluetooth situation in every room which is slowly driving me nuts. I am trying hard to get my children and myself off of phones/iPads/computers etc… at home so constantly having to change what my Bluetooth is connected to just to be able to listen to music really gets me annoyed. One New Year’s resolution was that I would get more music in our home so I guess better late than never!

- Ginevra Iverson, Test Kitchen Manager

Upon moving into our new house just two weeks ago, we noticed the doorbell doesn’t work (among other things)! Although it’s likely an easy repair, I’m taking it as an excuse to upgrade to the Ring video doorbell, seriously discounted for Cyber Monday (44% off) with an Echo dot to boot.

- Sara Levine, Senior Managing Editor

A friend gifted me a tea cup with an infuser basket almost a year ago and it's now one of the most-used items in my kitchen cabinet. Brewing loose leaf tea is a cinch and it's super easy to clean. I'm gifting this to everyone on my list this year in the hopes of turning everyone into tea drinkers, too.

- T.K. Brady, Digital Editor

I’ve had my eye on this sous-vide system for a while. The Joule is widely revered by both industry professionals and home cooks for its clever design (it’s much smaller than other models), precise temperature control and helpful app. Every time I turn around I see someone using it or read another positive review — and yes, I just really want to know what it feels like to cool an absolutely perfect steak or jammy egg.

- Lauren Piro, Senior Editor

Whenever I can snag a quality piece of cookware on the cheap, I do. At just under $100 this cocotte is still a bit of an investment -- but it’s worth every penny. All the benefits of cast-iron, easy clean-up and the perfect size for making dinner for my family of three: what’s not to love?! (It even comes in this gorgeous turquoise color to match my kitchen décor.)

- Kristie Collado, Associate Editor

I’ve been thinking about these metallic beauties since I first laid eyes on them a few months ago. As a true foodie at heart, I’ve always wanted to own something by Le Creuset, but their Dutch Ovens are a wee bit above my price range. That’s why these coffee mugs make the perfect Cyber Monday buy for me. Not only will I use them every day to house my morning cup of joe, their metallic finish and colorful array are great way to add a touch of seasonal cheer to my holiday this year. Plus, with six of them in the set, I can also share them with my mom.

- Michelle Baricevic, Online Coordinator, Food Network Magazine

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