DIY Avocado Toast Kits Are a Thing Now

They're perfect for millennial snackers on the go.

It’s easy to mock avocado toast as being the ultimate millennial indulgence, especially when those young people are paying so much for it at trendy restaurants that it is said to be preventing them from buying homes.

Still, mock away, but there’s nothing quite like a nice slab of whole grain toast slathered thick with mashed avocado, a squeeze of citrus, a twist of pepper. Mmmmm. That just may be the perfect breakfast, lunch or afternoon snack. And if you have one piece of avocado toast, you may as well eat two.

Of course, eating avocado toast is either a home thing or, if you’re out and about, the kind of thing that will cost you more than the simplicity of its ingredients – a couple of slices of bread, a chunk of avocado, a twist of this, a pinch of that – would justify. Until now.

Sabra, which makes easy-to-eat hummus snack packs with either pita chips or pretzels, has now introduced an on-the-go packaged avocado toast kit.

The Sabra Breakfast Avocado Toast, as it is officially called, includes a Hass avocado spread (Hass avocado, salt, lemon juice concentrate, garlic, ascorbic acid, parsley, spices, citric acid and lemon oil) and “crispy whole grain toasts” in one single-serving packet. Each serving contains 190 calories, 5 grains of fiber and no GMO ingredients.

The best part is that you can find it not only at grocery stores but also at grab-and-go spots like 7 Eleven, Target, Walmart, and pharmacies like Walgreens, CVS and Rite Aid for about $2.79.

That means millennials can now have their avocado toast and maybe even a shot at homeownership, too.

Photo courtey of @sabra


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