Guy Fieri Wins Re-Election to Flavortown — And More Foodie Celeb News

We were all rooting for him.

Photo by: David Moir ©2015, Food Network, LLC. All Rights Reserved.

David Moir, 2015, Food Network, LLC. All Rights Reserved.

This week, our favorite Food Network stars shared some hysterical memes. Plus, Kris Jenner celebrated her birthday in the clouds — with cake, of course. Happy Friday!

Kris Jenner took her birthday to new heights.

Happy birthday, Kris! The momager extraordinaire celebrated her birthday with a butter cake on a private plane. We’d take that over a bag of pretzels any day.


Even Guy Fieri can’t resist a good meme of himself. BRB, moving to Flavortown.

Donut worry, be happy.

Josh Peck has a sweet new set of glasses! Josh, were they prescribed by Dr. Dunkin?

Sunny ❤️’s Bobby

We can’t help but LOL at Sunny’s amazing Instagram. Never change, Sunny!

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