It’s Easier Than You Think to Eat Like a Queen

Queen Elizabeth II’s breakfast involves cold cereal and Tupperware.

Breakfast Cereal


Breakfast Cereal

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You might expect a royal breakfast to be lavish – involving rich, luxurious foods expertly whipped up by a chef and served on the finest silver and china. If so, it will surprise you to learn that the Queen of England’s breakfast involves cold, store-bought cereal and Tupperware.

Queen Elizabeth II is a woman of strict, startlingly straightforward habits, the Express reports.

“Breakfast was very simple for Her Majesty,” former Royal Chef Darren McGrady has said.

Here, according to the Express, is the Queen’s morning-dining regime:

- She’s up early with a fresh pot of Earl Grey tea (no milk or sugar) in, OK, a bone china cup and a couple of cookies (or “biscuits,” as they are known in the U.K.)

- After a bath, she enjoys a breakfast consisting of a little fruit and cereal (Kellogg’s Special K is her fave), which she likes to have delivered to her in a yellow plastic Tupperware container, to ensure freshness and to provide her with the pleasure of pouring it into the bowl herself. She’ll have that with a spot of Darjeeling tea. Her husband, Prince Philip, meanwhile, eats an equally modest repast of yogurt and marmalade.

- Every once in a while, the Queen branches out and enjoys toast with marmalade or eggs scrambled with smoked salmon and truffle. Brown eggs only, please, if you’re taking her order. She thinks they taste better than white.

Who knew it was so easy to eat like a queen?

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