Kylie Jenner Wore Five Halloween Costumes — And Other Spooky Celeb News You Missed

Her final outfit was Fanta-stic!

November 02, 2018


Photo by: Getty Images

Getty Images

This week, our favorite stars celebrated Halloween with food-inspired costumes and spooky decorations. Check out the best tricks and treats from Jennifer Garner, Ina Garten, Mindy Kaling and more, below. Happy Friday!

Witch way to the snack table?

Jennifer Garner, decked out in green face paint and a black wig, cackled and chanted over a bowl of her tomatillo salsa. Jen, can you conjure up a batch for us?

Don’t you want a Fanta?

Following stints as Barbie, a butterfly, a storm cloud and a Victoria's Secret angel, Kylie Jenner dressed as a Fanta soda mascot for her fifth Halloween costume. Kylie’s flavor of choice? Pineapple!

Ina Garten has a mini-me.

These cute kiddos imitated the Barefoot Contessa and her husband Jeffrey for Halloween. They definitely made us (and Ina) proud!

The Lion, the Witch and the…Mustard?

Mindy Kaling dressed as the condiment to celebrate Halloween with her daughter, who wore a lion onesie. How a-roar-able!

Taco Belle!

Sarah Hyland and her boyfriend, Wells Adams, took their love of the fast-food chain to new heights with their creative costumes. Even their dogs got in on the action!

The scariest message of all.

Katie Lee spooked fans with her one-of-a-kind jack-o’-lantern. Bagel-lovers, beware!

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