Need Some Fall Cooking Inspiration? Ask your Smart Speaker.

Get seasonal recipes and cooking tips, directly from the experts at Food Network.

It’s that time of year again: the air is crisp and the leaves are painted delicious shades of rich, buttery yellow and merlot red. Time to trade your charcoal grill for a countertop slow cooker and swap light, refreshing salads with oh-so-satisfying soups and stews. It’s time for some fresh inspiration!

If you’re anything like us, you’re looking forward to the chance to change things up — just as much as you’re craving oven-roasted veggies, Thanksgiving dinner and all things pumpkin spice.

That’s where your smart speaker comes in. Ask to talk to Food Network and you’ll have instant access to the best seasonal recipes and cooking tips — including special features just for fall.

Here’s how it works.

Say, “ask Food Network for turkey advice”

The last thing anybody wants on Thanksgiving Day is a lackluster turkey. If you’ve been roasting your bird the same way for years, it might be time to switch things up. Your smart speaker can connect you to a collection of tried-and-true roasting tips, straight from the experts in our test kitchen. Just say, “ask Food Network for turkey advice” to get your first tip.

Say, “ask Food Network to spin the fall flavor wheel”

Want to learn something new? Need to spice up your cooking routine? Maybe you’re just looking to have a little fun. When you’re hungry for some seasonal inspiration say, “ask Food Network to spin the fall flavor wheel.” Your smart speaker will "beep beep boop” through a bunch of fall herbs, spices, spirits and more — and choose one just for you! Like your flavor? Have the accompanying recipe emailed to you so that you can give it a try! Want more than one? Go ahead and spin again!

Looking for even more? Check out all the ways that you can connect with the Food Network on Amazon Echo or Google Assistant year-round.

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