Trust Me: The S'well Bottle Is the Gift That Everyone Loves

I know from experience. (And it's on sale right now!)

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November 23, 2018

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It all started when my husband needed a gift for his office Secret Santa. Co-worker gifts are tricky. You don’t want to be too personal. You don’t want to be too boring. But you don’t want to look like you didn’t even try. Tricky. So he trekked to a few of those cute, quirky gift shops we've got here in Brooklyn in search of the perfect item — perhaps his co-worker would enjoy a hand-painted mug or a colorful wall hanging. But then he saw it — the S’well water bottle. It was a cool metallic color, it was a little bit techy, and he figured he could at least count on his co-worker getting thirsty every now and again. Sold.

And much to his surprise, she didn’t just like the gift — she loved it. LOVED it. She went on and on about it. She loved it so much, she even bought another in a different size so she had options at her desk.

Basically, he had found the perfect gift — and it wasn't a fluke. Since then, whenever we've been stuck on what to give someone, we've gotten them a S'well bottle. And they always love it. It never fails.

Why do people love the S’well bottle (which is on sale on Amazon right now)? I have a few ideas:

1: It’s great for people who love cold drinks or hot drinks.

Yeah, okay, that’s like everyone, but that’s what’s so beautiful about this bottle. It’s a product with mass appeal (everyone’s gotta drink those fluids!), but to the gift-receiver, it feels niche. Because somehow there’s a little part of everyone that has a thing for a specific type of beverage. Case in point, we bet you've got one of these people in your life:

• Your wellness-minded pal who drinks 64 ounces of water every day from her standing desk.

• Your tea-loving friend who whips out a plastic bin with 12 different flavors every time you hang out.

• Your commuting buddy who would love for his coffee to remain piping hot by the time he gets to his cube.

• Your planner friend who successfully drags you to movies in the park every summer — and sneaks in the Chardonnay (the biggest S’well holds an entire bottle of wine!)

• Basically anyone who has a desk, a car, a bag, a bike or whatever and gets parched on ocassion.

2: They’re like a magic trick.

S’well bottles are known for keeping drinks cold for up to 24 hours and hot for up to 12 hours. (Personally, I think the "12 hours hot" is a pretty steep claim. It might work if you pour in your coffee, seal it tightly and not open the bottle again for 12 hours. But in my experience if you’re opening it and sipping it, the heat will diminish — but not nearly as quickly as it would in a paper to-go cup.)

3: It comes in, like, every color you could want.

So even if you give a S'well to 12 different people, it will still feel personal.

4: It’s Instagrammable.

Everyone knows you’ve achieved influencer status if you can work a sleek, pop of color and virtuousness into your next selfie.

5: They’re splurgey enough that you might hesitate to buy one for yourself, but inexpensive enough to gift without balking.

The regular sticker price for the 17-ounce version can range from $35 — $45. So, sure, it's a little spendier than your average container. But this isn't your average container — and lucky you! It’s on sale for Black Friday on Amazon. Scoop one up for everyone on your list and you can be done with holiday shopping right now.

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