This Video May Ruin Soup Bars for You Forever

It shows a guy drinking directly from the ladle and then putting it back into the communal pot, germs and all. (Eeeeew!)


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If you occasionally ladle yourself up a nice cup of soup from a grocery-store soup-and-salad bar, brace yourself for something that may prompt you to pivot on your heel, head straight over to the packaged-food aisle and never look back.

Someone has posted a video on Reddit, in the “trashy” subreddit, that shows a perfectly well-dressed, silver-haired man standing at a soup bar (that honestly looks a little too much like one I went to just the other day) and lifting a ladle of soup from the pot, past the sneeze guard and directly to his mouth.

He takes one … two … three … four drafts of the soup, licking the ladle clean, and then (watch this part only through your fingers, if at all) puts it back in the communal pot for the next unsuspecting soup shopper to use.

Ugh! Ew! And ugh again!

“Soup bars are dead to me now,” wrote one Redditor, speaking for many.

“So gross. With no consideration for anyone but himself,” another chimed in.

The video (be it real or staged) also sparked speculation as to whether the man was perhaps hungry and homeless (consensus: nah, his sneakers are too fancy) and how he should be dealt with (consensus: thrown out, banned and possibly charged with a crime).

And then there was this urgent cry, ringing out loud and clear through the outraged hubbub: “I hope he burnt his mouth.”

Yes, that would be justice, raining down like (sanitary, unslurped-by-a-stranger) soup to salve the soul.

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