You Can Now Buy Edible Slime

But do you really want to eat it after all that squishing?

Recipes for D.I.Y. slime abound on the Internet, reflecting a kid craze that’s raged for a few years now. But here’s one thing you can’t do with gooey, stretchy slime made with glue, Borax and laundry detergent: eat it.

Jell-O to the rescue.

As part of its new Jell-O Play line of edible gelatinous toys that aim, according to the company, “to inspire families to engage in free play and fun,” Jell-O has introduced edible slime. The slime comes in two different varieties: pink, strawberry-flavored Unicorn Slime and green, lime-flavored Monster Slime.

The colorful edible slime retains the spirit of D.I.Y. slime, albeit somewhat (literally) watered down. Kids add warm water to a pre-made mix (each 14.8-ounce canister comes with a measuring scoop and makes two batches), stir it up, and set to squishing, stretch and sculpting the slime into shapes. If they still want to eat it after all that handling, they can go at it; it’s “100% edible.” Any residue can be washed away with soap and warm water.

“The slime stretches if you pull it slowly, but snaps if you pull it apart fast,” according to the product description on Amazon, where it is available for pre-order. (It will be available, at a retail price of $9.99 per canister, from other retailers as well in December.) “It's firm if you squeeze it, but it can also pour and drip like a liquid.”

Good to know.

“With new Jell-O Play Edible Slime, the entire family can have fun creating, stretching, and even eating slime,” Michael Hartley, senior associate brand manager for Jell-O Play, said in a press release.

Not sure I’d really want to eat it after everyone’s hands have been in it squishing around, but then again, not being 11, I am probably not the target audience.

Photo courtesy of Jell-O

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