Cardi B Really Knows How to Eat Crab Legs

We know this because she posted a video of herself digging into a bag of them on an airplane.

In addition to “those Balenciagas, the ones that look like socks," Cardi B apparently really likes crab legs. And straight from a plastic bag on an airplane? Yeah, she likes ‘em like that.

The hip-hop star has posted to Instagram a video in which she digs right into a big bag of crab legs -- dipping them in, um, something, squeezing on the lemon, and then going to town. She cracks them with her teeth, twists them with her well-manicured fists and thoughtfully sucks out the meat.

Nary a word is spoken in the video, but the joy of eating is written all over Cardi B’s gorgeous, apparently make-up-free face.

“Good veneers,” she captions the video, which has been viewed more than nine and a half million times in two days.

Some Cardi B fans seem to have taken the video as a lesson in confidence.

“Cardi don’t care about make up, lighting, filters none of that,” wrote one Instagrammer. “she is GOALS when it comes to confidence and loving yourself the way god made you.”

“Eating crab legs while wearing white,” wrote another. “That’s diva s--- there.”

Cardi B is so brave the next thing you know she’ll boldly be petting an ornery cheetah. Oh, wait …

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