Chrissy Teigen Will Never Eat This On a Plane — And Other Foodie Celeb News

Is a Chrissy airline collab in our future?


Photo by: gchutka


This week, one menu item inspired Chrissy Teigen to tweet about her dream job. Also, Jennifer Garner prepared an early morning snack, Cardi B upped her meme game and The Rock chowed down with the cast of Mary Poppins Returns. Scoll down for all the news you may have missed. Happy Friday!

Hold the plane shrimp, please!

After checking out some in-flight shrimp, our favorite mom/TV host/cookbook author/model/Twitter user has a new career in mind — airline menu designer. One first-class seat on Air Chrissy, please!

Jennifer Garner’s an early riser.

On her newest (noisy) episode of “Pretend Cooking Show,” Jen woke up at 5:30 a.m. to bake a load of chocolate chocolate chip bread. Though we don’t recommend forgetting to soften your butter in advance, we do love Jen’s hack - shredding it with a cheese grater!

Just a spoonful of sugar (and tequila) makes the medicine go down.

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson had dinner with the cast of Mary Poppins Returns in London. We’re not saying the entire table resembles one of his epic cheat meals, but we’re not saying that it doesn’t.

Cardi B is all of us.

Alex Guaranschelli isn’t the only one who can get in on the food memes. Cardi B posted one that we relate to very well (although we prefer our shredded cheese baked into crisps, tbh).

To all the pizzas we’ve loved before.

Noah Centineo shared an adorable snap of his friends and, most importantly, pizza. Noah, we’d love an invite next time!

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