This Accessory Lets You Aerate Wine By the Glass

Now you can feel super fancy, even on a weeknight.

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December 21, 2018
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Who doesn’t love wine?

Whether you order the house blend at happy hour or know every little note and nuance of your favorite bottle, there’s no denying that a glass of vino is a wonderful way to wind down after a long day.

Of course, there’s more to wine than choosing between red, white and rosé. It’s also important to aerate (or oxidize) your wine. And no, aeration isn’t a fancy term reserved for uppity oenophiles. Truth is, we should all aerate our wine — but not too much or else it’ll spoil. Letting our vino breathe a little helps bolster all its aromas and flavors, leaving us with a dreamy, delicious glass of sauvignon blanc or merlot.

While there are plenty of decanters and aerators on the market, most of them are designed to oxidize an entire bottle of wine in one fell swoop. But what if you want a glass (or two)? That’s where Üllo’s wine purifier comes in. Thankfully, this weird gadget does a surprisingly good job aerating your wine by the glass.

This circular accessory rests perfectly on top of your glass, so you can prevent any spills or slip-ups. Simply pour your wine into the center of Üllo’s purifier and the liquid goodness will spiral down the gadget and into your glass. There’s a switch on the side that lets air into the purifier, leaving you with perfectly aerated wine by the wine you have your first sip.

But why stop there? This purifier comes with single filter sheets that catch your wine’s hangover-inducing sulfites, leaving you (hopefully) headache-free the morning after. Simply place a sheet on the top of the purifier, pour your vino, and voila!

I recently tried Üllo’s wine purifier and it worked. Like many people, I tend to get a dull headache after having a glass of wine but with this purifier, I felt fresh the next day. Plus, it was so easy to use. No complicated or fussy setups: Just place, pour, and enjoy! And, when you’re done using it, the purifier is small enough to fit in any drawer or cabinet.

At $85, Üllo’s wine purifier and filters set is by no means cheap but if you enjoy a glass or two or wine, it’ll easily pay for itself. After all, you can’t put a price tag on a good glass of vino.

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